Sara Yukiko Mon (b. 1996, San Francisco, California) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in New York, New York. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in Design | Media Arts in 2018. Her work highlights the beauty and humor in casual, mundane happenings while playing with themes of nostalgia and identity. 

Solo + Duo Exhibitions

11:11, Gern en Regalia, 2022
Pirouette, Estrella Gallery, 2022

Two Birds, One Stone, Gern en Regalia, 2020

Recent Group Exhibitions

Trivial Pursuit, Entrance, 2022
Smiling at a Locomotive, A.D., 2022

Merde!, Alyssa Davis Gallery, 2022

Selected Clients + Collaborations

Ariana Grande
Calvin Klein
Dizzy TV / Mishou Magazine
Folder Studio
Heaven by Marc Jacobs
Herman Miller
Office Magazine
Playlab Inc.
Silent Sound
Something Special Studios